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I had heard about the for a some time ago, but I really had no reason to try it out until now. The idea behind Fiverr is simple: People share things they’re willing to do for $5. If you spot something cool you would like to have , just register, put an order in, pay up (via PayPal or with your credit card) and voilá!

I spotted someone who was willing to create a 3D model of something, and I had an Idea: I asked user named tzani to render me a bunch of yellow minerals. My brief was short and simple, and I attached a fast Photoshop mockup with the message. I didn’t have very high hopes because, well, ditching money to a stranger isn’t generally a smart idea.

Within a few days I had a mail waiting for me. My order was complete, and the picture was included.

I. Loved. It.

I mean, I know I didn’t brief the work properly, and I was vague on many aspects. Even so, tzani managed to suck everything that was needed out of those few words, and the rendering was… well, perfect for my needs! Now I have a pretty minerals on my blog. That was 5$ well spent. :)

There is much more to be found in the depths of fiverr. With a short browsing, I found these cool/weird ideas:

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